the Sovereignty Platform

Those that hold to the breast this platform of  State Sovereignty are evangelist of liberty, advocates of freedom, seekers of justice, finders of truth, are those wanting to return to a more divinely inspired government, and are the warriors of sovereignty and defenders of the American dream.

It was not a nation that defeated the crown of England but a union of colonies that later became states.

It was not a nation that freed the slaves from tyranny and oppression, it was again, a handful of distinct and separate states.

We cannot overestimate the fervent love of liberty, the intelligent courage, and the sum of common sense with which our founding fathers made the great experiment of self government. They found, out of necessity, that in times of peril, a confederation of independent states of free men is imminently more powerful than the strata of a monolithic and oppressive nation. And so it was, that a Republic, and not a nation, was borne to better the lives of free men everywhere. We call that republic America.

Diversity of laws, diversity of economy, and diversity of thought is where the Republic of the United States of America draws its strength and all Americans should be vigilant and always strive to wrestle power and control from the means of any national government that seeks to bind us into conformity with a uniform set of laws forced upon the states.

We must object to a greater authority and acquiesce to a plurality of minor authorities if we are to remain  free and vigorously expand the republic….and….. if good…. is to triumph over evil.

No decree from a national government should ever disturb the autonomy of the states, nor interfere with any of their necessary rights of self government. Our Constitution has served us well and compliance to our founding fathers intent should now and forever more keep us from the rule of tyranny.

There is no greater danger to America than the ignorance of a voter and ignorance of the American system of government, as this type of complacency, should it expand, would necessarily destroy America from within. And so now is the time to renew our efforts to educate ourselves and our children, so those that would try to divide us will not defeat us. We must teach our children not to become lazy or complacent within the bosom of safety of a national government, rather they should bask in the riches and prosperity that only the blessings of liberty and an ever vigilant people may provide.
We ask you to stand with us not in comfort, conformity, and security. We ask you to stand…. in diversity as a bold adventurer…. in the face of the unknown, unsure of success or failure, not knowing as you leap whether you will sink or swim, and to only put your full measure of trust and faith in the Lord as it is his invisible hand that helps to shape our destiny.

God save the Republic…….God save America!

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