The Constitution is the Solution
Join The Peoples Constitution Coalition of Ohio in the fight to return to our founding authorities. If you would like to join forces and engage in a reciprocal link exchange, click here to contact us.
Home for Patriotic Action
We are united by our passion for re-establishing Constitution based liberty & limited government through dialogue, debate, legislation & elections. Also known as ResistNet, we are the largest social action network in the movement. “Patriot Action Network” is the official Grassfire Social Network.
Get Out of Our House is proud to support the efforts of The Peoples Constitution Coalition of Ohio. Their objectives of restoring the fundamental principles of good government, under God, and bringing integrity, honor and dignity back into the institutions of government aligns perfectly with ours. We seek to elect citizen legislators who will serve the people of their district, and replace the career politicians who serve their party, the lobbyists who fund them, and their own political career. GO is a process that will allow the members of each congressional district to choose a candidate who can compete against incumbents in the primaries and have a legitimate chance to win, candidates who will take the Constitution and their oath to defend it seriously, not only when it is convenient.

“Get Out of Our House”  a NON-PARTISAN plan to evict the career politicians from the US HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES.
(The Nonpartisan Tea Party)
The Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association consists of Bible-believing social and fiscal Conservatives who are working to stop the destruction of our God-given Constitutional rights. We are non-partisan and believe in Principle over Party. At this critical time in our great Nation's history, we can no longer swear allegiance to one political party because they all have failed us. Our Tea Parties are not "covers" for a certain political party, as a few sadly are, but forums for like-minded people of all political persuasions.

We are an active group and meet frequently. All our events and meetings are open to the public.
Organizing For Freedom - 9-12 Project
We are organizing for freedom and letting our elected officials know we will take our country back. We are not a radical group as the liberal media would have you think. We use tactful diplomacy, by writing letters, meeting with those we elected, as well as assembling for peaceful protest marches. We follow lawful decorum and protocol to restore our country to the republic it once was.

One of our many projects is to vote as many as possible out of office in the 2010 election. This is a nonpartisan/bipartisan project in order to restore our nations freedom, as well as making it secure against those who wish to destroy the US Constitution whether foreign or domestic.