How You Can Help!
The task before us will not be achieved, easily. It will require a dedicated effort of patriotic volunteers like you who believe in defending their freedom and are willing to devote some of their time defending it. This project must be won by the sweat of our labors based on principle and not upon any monetary reward. If we truly believe in the principles that make our federated system of government great, then we must unite and restore the Union to the Constitutions.
No one can do it all, but all can do something. Basically, there are only four things that we need to do;
  1. Sign the petition for the Ohio Sovereignty Amendment
  2. Spread the message to others
  3. Help collect signatures on the petition
  4. Find others to help collect signatures
In addition to these fundamental tasks, there are other things people can do to help promote this great cause;
  • Set up a meeting or event for us to speak
  • Be a Leader for one of our designated territories
  • Get your organization to support us
  • Set up a Sovereignty Station where people can go to sign the petition
  • Promote us through mass media
  • Display yard signs, bumper stickers, and other signage
  • Wear PCCOH apparel
  • Review our website often, and get educated
  • Pass out PCCOH business cards
  • Make a donation (email the Committee for instructions)
  • Work with PCCOH staff at events
  • Volunteer your expert and professional services
  • Ask your public servants to support our cause
  • Study the Ohio and U.S. Constitutions
  • Help us NETWORK throughout Ohio and all 50 states
When your children and grand-children ask what you did to help save the Union in this time of need, what will you tell them?

We look forward to your support.

[signed] - The Committee   - PCCOH