Purpose and Intent:
In light of the present abuses by government against the people, it is time for the people, once again, to stand against the destroyers of Liberty and reclaim their God-given Rights and bind government to the letter and "spirit" of our state and federal Constitutions.
But the people, generally, are lost and have forgotten their heritage as Americans. They have neglected their duty to know and understand our system of governance and the principles upon which it was established. Few hear the call to lead the people, and fewer still have answered.
Our country is finally awakening to the perils knocking at our door. History is in the making once again, for it is our turn, this generation, to stand united and take action to preserve our American way of life, a system founded upon Godly principles and unique in the world.
Our PURPOSE is to bring government back into compliance with the Constitutions and serve the best interests of the people. Our Constitutions do not provide adequate protections against government usurpations in today's political environment. We are introducing language that, when enacted into constitutional law, will secure to the people sufficient remedies to hold their public servants accountable when they operate outside their constitutional limits.
Our INTENT is to restore the fundamental principles of good government, under God, and with such leadership that we can bring integrity, honor and dignity back into the institutions of government. Though public servants proclaim that they serve the people, their deeds reveal otherwise.
Under the principles of good government, America will become again a nation of peace, preserving the individual Rights and Liberties of the people over all other agendas. Trust in the American people by the nations of the world will be restored. Bankers and corporations will be restrained from perverting our systems of money and commerce. The Military Industrial Complex can be converted into an instrument of peace and development. The American people can, once again, feel safe and secure in the ordinary course of their lives.
Now is the time to stop government usurpation in America. The Rule of Law must apply to public servants and citizens, alike.
It begins here. It begins now. It begins with us.
The SOVEREIGNTY AMENDMENT TO THE OHIO CONSTITUTION proposed herein is designed to return power to the people, to hold state and federal government in strict compliance to our Constitutions. It represents the voice of the people, by the people, for the people to exercise their unalienable Right to amend the Constitutions and control our state and federal governments.
Speak up and support this great cause. This is all about YOU!
[signed] - The Committee   - PCCOH
Rev.0.1 (Dec. 03, 2009)