State Sovereignty - A Matter of Right, A Matter of LAW
Government must be held in compliance with and accountable to our state and federal Constitutions. We propose a plan that will utilize the power and resources of the states to secure state sovereignty and enforce Constitutional compliancy by state and federal government.
State sovereignty is a matter of constitutional law secured by the Tenth Amendment to the federal Constitution. It is the duty of all state and federal public servants to acknowledge and enforce state sovereignty.
Therefore, by authority of the people of Ohio, we exercise our rights expressed in the Declaration of Independence and secured in the Ohio Constitution to reform government, and hereby propose a Sovereignty Amendment to the Ohio Constitution.
The proposed Sovereignty Amendment IS NOT ABOUT SECESSION !
For years, state and federal government have operated as if the Constitutions do not exist. They have overstepped their powers and authorities in the name of “Public Welfare”, “Public Health and Safety”, “Interstate Commerce”, and “Executive Privilege”. Under such a pretense, government could hypothetically put all of us into cages for our own protection and benefit.
Such a notion sounds preposterous, yet it is becoming more of a real possibility with each new bill they introduce that effectively deprives us of our individual Rights and Liberties.
The proposed SOVEREIGNTY AMENDMENT TO THE OHIO CONSTITUTION provides many protections that the current Constitution does not have.
Below are 54 principles that we are proposing for inclusion in our state Constitution. Most are founded on existing principles of American law and good government. A couple of these principles are innovative and set a precedent for free societies.
If you agree with what is being proposed, we ask that you help us get the proposed amendment on the ballot for the people to ratify. Sign our petition. Spread the word. Volunteer.
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”. -  John F. Kennedy, 1962 (White House)
Proposed Principles
To preserve our Constitutional system of government, provisions have been included that provide authorities for the suspension of state powers and the recall or removal of public servants when operating contrary to the Constitution.
The following is a comprehensive list of the principles provided in this amendment. The proposed Ohio Sovereignty Amendment establishes that:
  1. The Ohio Constitution is the voice of the Citizens of Ohio and the sole authority by which the state receives its powers of government.
  2. The Ohio Constitution is a guarantee for the protection of individual Rights and Liberties of the people in Ohio.
  3. The Ohio Constitution is binding on all Ohio public servants.
  4. The purpose of the Ohio Constitution is to secure the people’s Rights and Liberties with minimal governmental interference.
  5. Ohio Citizens forever retain their sovereignty over the state.
  6. Ohio Citizens retain exclusive power to alter or abolish Ohio government, at their discretion.
  7. Ohio government shall operate with sufficient transparency that Citizens can hold it in strict compliance with the Constitutions.
  8. The state of Ohio can only operate as a free and independent sovereign Republic form of government.
  9. The state of Ohio shall retain its sovereign status within the Union of federated states known as The United States of America.
  10. The state of Ohio shall retain its sovereignty status over the federal government, yet compliant with the strict interpretation of and powers delegated by the Constitution of the United States of America.
  11. Ohio government shall faithfully, diligently and prudently execute all powers delegated to it by the Ohio Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America.
  12. The state of Ohio shall protect the people in Ohio from federal governmental abuse, taking whatever measures appropriate under the circumstances.
  13. Powers may be granted to Ohio government only by provisions established in the Ohio Constitution upon the knowledgeable consent of the Citizens.
  14. The fundamental Rights of the people shall not be infringed nor subject to licensure or taxation.
  15. The people cannot waive or forfeit their fundamental Rights and Liberties.
  16. The state of Ohio cannot operate in any capacity not authorized by the Ohio Constitution.
  17. The state of Ohio cannot participate in any compact, contract or treaty in violation to the Ohio Constitution.
  18. The Ohio Constitution is the supreme law for Ohio.
  19. All Ohio laws must be compliant with the Ohio Constitution BEFORE they can be enacted and enforced against the people.
  20. The constitutionality of every law shall be subject to challenge by the people through the Ohio Supreme Court.
  21. Regulatory laws may only be established as reasonable and minimally necessary to protect the public health and safety, and then only upon sufficient justification by supporting evidence.
  22. Every Ohio law must expressly state its constitutional authority and upon whom it shall operate.
  23. Emergency laws may be established only when there exists a clear and present danger to the people.
  24. Emergency laws must clearly state the emergency and upon what obtainable conditions the emergency will cease.
  25. Ohio government must diligent seek resolution of all public emergencies.
  26. Ohio government shall compose a formal dictionary of legal terms and phrases which shall be the official reference in making and interpreting Ohio law.
  27. The Supreme Court of Ohio shall have the power to suspend all laws which are deemed to be unconstitutional.
  28. All powers of government affected by an unconstitutional law shall immediately cease until such defect has been resolved.
  29. The Supreme Court of Ohio shall retain jurisdiction over all unconstitutional matters until resolved and shall not withhold a decision on the basis that it would negatively affect government or any public servant.
  30. Ohio juries shall retain the right to determine the facts and the law of a case, and to nullify the law to preserve justice.
  31. Ohio Citizens shall retain the Right to suspend or abolish any Ohio law by initiative process.
  32. The state of Ohio shall not tolerate any misconduct of any public servant.
  33. Public servants shall be held accountable for any misconduct while in performance of their public duties and responsibilities.
  34. Public servants who knowingly violate this Constitution shall be prosecuted for High Crimes against the people.
  35. Ohio Citizens shall retain the Right to recall or remove any public servant by a Citizens’ initiative process.
  36. Any public officeholder removed or forced from office shall forever be barred from holding public office and forfeit all relevant benefits.
  37. There shall be no immunity for public servants who violate this Constitution.
  38. The duty of all public servants is to faithfully and diligently serve the people of Ohio.
  39. All public servants have a duty to respond favorably to reasonable inquiries of the people.
  40. The supreme duty of the governor is to ensure that all functions of government comply with this Constitution.
  41. The office of Sheriff shall be elevated to a constitutionally protected office within the executive branch of Ohio government.
  42. The Sheriff shall forever be a servant of the people.
  43. The Sheriff shall be the supreme governmental authority for enforcing the Ohio Constitution within his respective county.
  44. The Sheriff shall have powers to call to duty other Sheriffs and to deputize Citizens for emergency situations.
  45. Federal and foreign agents shall be prohibited from exercising enforcement powers within Ohio except by and through the Sheriff and only upon presentment of a valid judicial warrant.
  46. All Ohio courts, tribunals and administrative agencies shall preserve and protect the fundamental Rights and Liberties and other constitutional protections of the people in all suits.
  47. The Right of the people to bear arms and munitions, and to maintain a peoples’ militia, shall not be infringed, encumbered, deprived or prohibited except upon conviction of a High Crime by due process of law.
  48. The state of Ohio shall encourage the principles of personal protection, preservation, preparedness and defense by the people.
  49. The state of Ohio shall encourage and promote education principles that benefit the interests of Ohio Citizens and support a moral society and the people’s prosperity, within all schools in Ohio, the most significant of which have been presented within Section 13 of the proposed amendment.
  50. Ohio public schools shall be regulated on the local county level of government.
  51. No law or constitutional amendment shall ever be established by the legislature that would effectively deny, surrender or abrogate the sovereignty of Ohio Citizens.
  52. Any attempts to subvert the fundamental principles of this amendment, except by the knowledgeable consent and intent of Ohio Citizens to reform or abolish this Constitution, shall be prohibited and punishable as an act of aggression.
  53. This amendment to the Ohio Constitution shall be controlling over all other provisions of this Constitution and Ohio laws, and all of the same in contradiction thereof, shall be amended or interpreted to comply with the purposes and intent of this amendment.
  54. The state of Ohio shall be granted a reasonable amount of time to bring all existing laws and other governing provisions into compliance with this Constitution after enactment of this amendment.

Rev. 1.2 (Aug. 16, 2010)