Organizational Structure:
The single most important influence over the success of the proposed amendment is PCCOH’s organizational structure. This is a monumental task, and the success of this project will depend upon organizing leadership who will faithfully and diligently work to win the confidence of the people to support this important cause.
To help distribute the effort evenly over the state, we have partitioned the state into manageable territories and designed an organizational structure, accordingly. The PCCOH organization is comprised of the following leadership structure:
The Committee – Five people who are responsible for drafting the amendment, building the leadership network, and maintaining all the operations of the project.
District Leaders – Five people who monitor the activities within a defined collection of counties and regions and provide opportunities for education, training and dissemination of information. They also facilitate the collection of petition signatures within their District.
Regional Directors – 12 regions have been defined to distribute the duties and responsibilities of District Leaders over fewer counties.
County Coordinators – Each county may have one or more people serving as the primary focal points for managing the collection of petition signatures within their respective counties. A good candidate for a County Coordinator is someone who may already be involved in a meet-up group and can act as a liaison with that group.
Team Leaders – Each County Coordinator shall identify and coordinate as many Team Leaders within the county as appropriate to substantially cover the area and collect signatures. Each Team would consist of several people working together at events, various locations, or door-to-door to collect signatures.
Minutemen – These are individuals who support our cause but have little time to devote to the collection of signatures. They may carry petitions on them and acquire signatures as opportunities present themselves, such as with friends, at work or church, etc.
Sovereignty Stations – Success with depend on everyone getting involved. We encourage businesses who have storefronts, churches, libraries, and other public locations to participate as contact points where people can come to sign a petition. Sovereignty Stations will be annotated and recognized on the PCCOH website so people will aware of them. A person at each location must be responsible as the Circulator for any petition signatures they collect.
Service Providers – There are some who may have specific skills of benefit to the PCCOH mission, such as a webmaster, legal council, fundraisers, reporters, photographers, videographers, office managers, accountants, etc. These are people who volunteer their time on behalf of PCCOH to help the proposed amendment succeed.
Sponsors – Sponsors are people, businesses and other organizations who provide financial support to PCCOH for operating expenses, supplies, events, and whatever else constitutes a monetary expenditure. As this project matures, large donations will be required for advertizing and marketing. The people of Ohio will be most grateful to everyone who contributes monetarily to this important cause.
Rev. 0.1 - (01/29/2010)