Fundamentally, our system of government in the United States of America provides some of the best features ever devised for serving the people. But, as we are witnessing today, it is not sufficient for today’s political environment. The Founding Fathers knew that governments can be corrupted by men, and that if the integrity of government was to be maintained, the people would have to do it.
We now find ourselves at one of those moments in the history of our Union where action by the people is necessary to restore government back within the narrow confines of the Constitution. The problem is that government has grown over the years, and the ability for the people to enforce constitutional compliance upon government demands a substantial and organized effort. One person cannot defeat this giant, alone. The people must act together in common purpose and pure intentions to preserve the Union.
For these reasons, it becomes necessary for the people to unite, to network, to organize, to plan and execute a definitive plan to discard corruption, restore integrity, and secure the gates in protection of the people’s Liberty.
Such a network requires leaders who are honorable and true to the purposes at hand. It requires volunteers who are ready, willing, and able to donate their time, efforts, and resources for this just cause. And those able to provide monetary support and services must do so in order to sustain our momentum through completion.
PCCOH has devised such a plan and we are building such a network. But, it will be up to the people to volunteer. People must decide which things are most important, whether it be the freedom and prosperity for all Americans, or their own immediate self-interests. The time is at hand, decisions must be made, the people must stand up and move into action. We cannot motivate you to do the right thing, we can only provide the means to do it.
The network we are building provides opportunity for every American to get involved. Whether it’s collecting signatures on a petition, organizing a local meeting, talking with your neighbors, or pledging a donation, every person can participate in this historic event to reclaim our constitutional heritage.
As with all great causes, we need leaders. The way we identify a leader is by looking for those making the most noise that aligns with our cause. And leaders need volunteers. Our plan reduces the amount of effort demanded from each patriot. By establishing 5,000 leaders and volunteers throughout Ohio, only 150 signatures would be required by each to get the proposed Ohio Sovereignty Amendment on the ballot for the people to vote on.
Time is wasting. Let’s get busy, now. Contact us to volunteer.
Oh, by the way. We know there will be questions. We know you won’t have all the answers. We know you are stressed for time. We know you are tired. And, we know you would rather be fishing or doing something else. But, you must do this, anyway. If we get right on it, we can save our Union and get back to the things we love, soon.

PCCOH Network Organizational Chart
Rev. 0.1 - (01/30/2010)