Mission Statement:
The mission of the PEOPLES CONSTITUTION COALITION of OHIO is plain and simple - to restore and maintain our American federalist system of government and hold government in compliance with and accountable to our state and federal Constitutions.
Success of our mission would result in the following:
  1. The American people will secure and exercise their sovereign status over their respective states;
  2. The states will secure and exercise their sovereign status over the federal government;
  3. Government would be restricted to function within the strict interpretation of our state and federal Constitutions;
  4. The independent natural and fundamental Rights and Liberties and other constitutional protections of the people, when responsibly exercised, will be secured from all forms of governmental encroachment or interference;
  5. Sanctions will be brought against government and its public officeholders and agents who violate the purposes or intent of the Constitutions;
  6. The size and influence of government will be restrained to its minimum.
The objective of our mission is to secure to the American people the purposes set forth in the wisdom of our Forefathers to provide a more perfect Union of independent sovereign nation states; establish Justice by due process of law equally and fairly applied; ensure domestic Tranquility through perpetuation of peace among the states and foreign powers; provide for our common Defense from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, whether natural or social; promote the general Welfare by protecting the people‘s Liberty, restraining trespassers, and defending our moral principles founded within our Christian Heritage under our Creator God; and secure the Blessings of Liberty and the people‘s Rights to Life, Property, and Pursuit of Happiness without undue restraint.
Let no man or society unduly restrain another from exercising his freedom or pursuits for happiness and prosperity! As Americans, we are united in spirit and protect our society, and as a society, we protect each man‘s individuality and Right of Self-Determination.
We do this, that the Blessings of our Creator God shall prevail upon us.
[signed] - The Committee   - PCCOH
Rev.0.1 (Jan. 29, 2010)